10. February - in Minsk Philharmony with Brahms, Berg and Sumera

On 10th of February I will conduct a nice programme in Minsk in Belarusian Philharmony with the Academic Symphony Orchestra of TV and Radio Company of Republic of Belarus. In the first part the primadonna of Estonian National Opera Heli Veskus will sing "Sieben Frühe Lieder" by Alban Berg and well known Estonian pianist, also the rector of the Estonian Academy of Music Peep Lassmann will play Piano Concerto by Estonian composer Lepo Sumera (1950-2000). In the second half of the concert we play my favourite Johannes Brahms's symphony - the 4th one.
October, 6th - Concert in Yaroslavl (Russia)
April 5th, The Seasons by Haydn in Polotsk, Belarus